Follow the Glow

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I'm pleased to announce my article Follow the Glow is featured on Rick Smith's website. Rick is the bestselling author of The Leap: How 3 Simple Changes Can Propel Your Career from Good to Great. Rick has made great leaps himself, including founding World 50, one of the world’s most influential senior executive networking companies that includes members and contributors such as Bono, Francis Ford Coppola and Jon Stewart. What I found fascinating during my read of The Leap was Rick's honesty and accessibility as an author. Given Rick's credentials, he could have touted genius as the foundation for his success. Instead, Rick describes how many people who have accomplished great things, including himself, were not much different from the rest of us. They simply made small changes that made big differences. One of those small changes is simply finding work that fits with who you are as a person. Always great advice, but sometimes hard to know how to execute. Rick's book The Leap can show you how.

So check out Rick's new book The Leap and click here to read Follow the Glow on his website.