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I’m a thesaurus kind of guy. Show me a definition of a word I don’t know and I might or might not remember it. But show me synonyms, and I’ve got it locked in.

Here's a word and its synonyms for you:



fervor, ardor, enthusiasm, eagerness, zeal, zealousness, vigor, fire, fieriness, energy, fervency, animation, spirit, spiritedness.

Passion has been the topic of discussion in many of my conversations lately. Since I wrote "Connected for Life" where I recommended discovering other people’s passion to help you connect with them, many readers have conveyed privately how much they are enjoying this piece of advice.


Because hearing about an individual’s passion fans the flames of your own. It’s nearly impossible to watch someone get excited when describing his or her passion and not feel a deep stir within.

Take a look at the synonyms for passion again. If nothing else, aren’t those the adjectives you’d want used to describe your life?

Another activity I recommended in "Connected for Life" is to help others in the pursuit of their passions. I want to do just that by highlighting a few friends and the things that make them tick.

Cat & Jack

My wife and I met Catherine and her husband at a resort in Florida earlier this year and we hit it off by having a long conversation about our passions. Cat is passionate about dogs, and she educates children on behavior that will prevent dog bites. Her program was recently accepted into Pepsi’s Refresh Project where voting will determine which ideas get over $1,300,000 in funding. Voting is easy and you can do it once a day by clicking here: Pepsi Refresh Project - Cat and Jack

Unconditional Love

I can’t count high enough to list the number of friends who are passionate about rescuing animals. Rhonda, Michelle, Carla, and Dena are a few who come to mind. Michelle recently made me aware of a Kroger & Purina contest where animal shelters will receive over $150,000 in funding based upon the ones that receive the most votes. If you live in North Carolina, please consider voting for the SPCA of Wake County. We’re in fourth place currently. Click here to vote: SPCA of Wake County

Not Just Square

If you have ever considered creating a website, contact Melody. She has created over three websites for me, including this one. She uses Squarespace as a platform, and I could not be happier with its ease of use. I’ve recommended her to multiple friends, and she has produced wonderful results for each of them. Click here to see some examples: Melody Watson


I met Rich Schlentz ten years ago when he hired my wife as the wellness coordinator for a new fitness club in town. Not long afterward, Rich changed careers and began to help other's improve their leadership skills while pursuing extraordinary lives. His enthusiasm is contagious and he always seeks to help others. Click here to learn more: Rich Schlentz

Good Reads

Naturally, I have a lot of writer friends. In fact, if you are a serious writer, you owe it to yourself to surround yourself with great writers who have good hearts. They will support and encourage you, while helping you become the best writer you can be. Here are some of those friends and their books and websites:

  • Dena Harris -Who Moved My Mouse? Hilarious parody book using well-known self-help titles with the added twist that it’s aimed at cats. Dena scored big with the book getting picked up by Ten Speed Press, a division of Random House. Book comes out in October: Who Moved My Mouse?
  • Laine Cunningham -Message Stick. Laine spent six months camping alone in the Australian outback to write this book and it shows in her beautiful description of the rugged terrain. But beware, this book is pure suspense that explores the dark side of human nature. Laine is also the recipient of several literary awards. Find her book here: Message Stick
  • Steve Cushman - I met Steve after I reviewed his book Fracture City for Our State Magazine. Steve won the prestigious Novello Literary Award for his first novel Portisville. His new book comes out soon: Heart With Joy
  • Edmund Schubert - Ed is editor for Orson Scott Card’s online magazine Intergalactic Medicine Show. Ed’s novel, Dreaming Creek, follows the trials and tribulations of a couple who accidentally switch bodies when they drink from a mystical spring: Dreaming Creek
  • Tom Barker - Tom wrote a funny, offbeat young adult book titled Otis Saves the Universe. Tom is a gifted artist and penned all the illustrations: Otis Saves the Universe
  • Carol Kenny - Carol and I met in a great writing class many years ago taught by Quinn Dalton. Her touching novel is beautifully written: Whispers from St. Mary’s Well
  • Emily Howard - Emily is working with a publisher on her first book of poignant, yet side-splitting essays. You will see Emily’s name again. In the meantime, visit her website: A Chick’s View.
  • David Horne - I hired David into the company I ran many years ago in a previous life. In that time, David has become a social media expert and writes for popular sites like Find David's site here: David Horne

I wish I could list the passions of all my friends, but you’d be reading for a long time. Please feel free to tell the world what you are passionate about in the comments.