Aha Moment

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Two months ago a woman from the company that produces Mutual of Omaha's "Aha Moment" commercials contacted me through my blog. Having looked through the site, she thought I'd be a great candidate to film an Aha Moment spot.

Canvasing the Triad area for interesting stories, they planned to book slots for filming, then open it up to the public. I was a bit uncertain whether it would work as there was a possibility I'd be flying back from the west coast the day of filming, but everything fell into place and I made it in time.

Even though I think of my whole blog as a series of Aha Moments, it was easy to pick one for the spot. Funny thing is, the moment I wrote about is not actually on my blog. It's a guest post of mine on Rick Smith's blog, bestselling author of The Leap.

Click here to see the filmed Aha Moment. And if you'd like to read the full account, click here.

We all have aha moments. Feel free to leave a comment and tell the world about yours.

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